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WIELKIE RYCHNOWO info@conkret.com.pl
tel.: +48 56 6842400 fax: +48 56 6842178

The company Conkret was established in 1990 as the company manufacturing and packing polyethylene films. Robust development through high investment expenditures and the related increase in production were decisive for the success of our company that was not limited to the Polish market.

Your orders are handled by highly competent employees, who improve their qualifications during internal trainings and specialist courses ordered at external providers.

We put a lot of emphasis on correct relations with our partners, and on continuous improvement and an increase in quality, and this is confirmed by the Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 implemented at our company.

Conkret is responsible for the complete technological process, starting with purchases of recycled waste material, through its transport, sorting, and granulation, up to manufacturing of a new, ready-to-sell product. We use machines and technologies similar to those used by our competitors in the Western Europe. Thus we manufacture films of the highest quality at very reasonable prices.

Conkret is more than just a company naturally focused on achieving profit. Our company is an animator and important sponsor of numerous cultural, sports, and educational events. It is a great pleasure to us to support valuable social initiatives resulting in improved quality of life for all of us.