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WIELKIE RYCHNOWO info@conkret.com.pl
tel.: +48 56 6842400 fax: +48 56 6842178
Declarations of performance

Instructions for Safe Use



Identification of product and producer

Name of product:
Conbud, Conbud Plus, Conpar, Confol Alfa, Confol Beta, Confol Gamma, Betaflex, Hydro P, Hydro B.

Recommended use:
horizontal damp-proofing, damp-proofing of underground parts, damp-proofing for steam penetration control.

Conkret Sp.J. Z.R.Trejderowscy; Wielkie Rychnowo; 87-410 Kowalewo Pomorskie; Tel.: +48 56 684 24 00; Fax: +48 56 684 21 78; info@conkret.com.pl


Product handling and storage

The product should be used according to its indented purpose and according to the producer’s instructions. The product has a characteristic smell of membrane, it does not produce any dust.
Unnecessary handling of unpacked products should be avoided – persons engaged in building works should act with great caution, due to the possibility of falling, breakage, etc.
Products should be stored in a secured way on pallets. It is recommended to store pallets flat, protected with film and fastened adequately, in order to prevent them from shifting, tilting, etc. The product should be stored in dry and roofed rooms, in order to prevent water infiltration and at a safe distance of at least 1,5 m from operating heating equipment. The product should also be protected against direct impact of solar radiation.
The product does not cause fire hazard during use.
Reaction to fire performance – class F – in case of fire, protective clothing should be applied, and it is required to use respiratory protective devices.
The product does not pose any threat to health and safety during use.
Storage is recommended at the temperature not exceeding 25 °C; due to the possibility of fixing of bends, the duration of storage in the above mentioned conditions should not exceed a few months from the date of production.
All the above mentioned instructions and recommendations apply to the product before installation.


In conformity with the EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH), damp-proof membranes produced by Conkret Sp. J. Z.R.Trejderowscy are not classified as hazardous products, and for this reason, material safety data sheet (MSDS) is not required for them.


For further detailed information, please contact the producer.